Broadway Bustle Development February 23, 2017

The San Antonio Business journal featured our founder Martin Phipps in their latest article about real estate development in the Broadway corridor of Downtown San Antonio. Read the article here: ...
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Exclusive: Phipps redefines SA law office space — and throws a bar on top November 29, 2016

One step into Phipps Anderson Deacon's San Antonio office is all it takes to realize that this is no ordinary law firm. The four-story building has a bowling lane, game tables, artwork rivaling a reputable gallery, and even a rooftop bar and cafe — all with plenty of natural light and outdoor space to take advantage of its riverfront location. ...
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What Every Farmer Should Know About the Syngenta Corn Case April 18, 2016

Corn on a Summer Day
Have you found the information surrounding the current Syngenta corn case to be both overwhelming and confusing? You’re not alone! Farmers throughout the Midwest have valid and pressing questions that need explanation and clarification. Here are a few common questions and answers to the enigma of the Syngenta® corn litigation. WHO is Syngent ...
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The Facts About Corn, America’s #1 Field Crop March 2, 2016

Dried Indian Corn Cobs
Corn, a staple on your Thanksgiving table, on date night at the movies, or in your glass as whiskey; it “pops” up in more places in your life than you may realize. Currently, this crop is at the center of a massive multi-state litigation affecting farmers near and far. Let’s dive deeper and get to know the star of the Syngenta® corn case wit ...
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