We know business

Every successful business venture requires risk. Every savvy business needs a sage legal team, ready to defend. Phipps Anderson Deacon is your team.

In today’s business world, companies – both big and small, are constantly trying to get ahead. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of today’s market often results in: businesses breaching contractual agreements if a better deal comes along, employees stealing confidential and proprietary information from their employer prior to leaving to work for another entity, people or companies refusing to pay what they owe pursuant to a particular contract, and other legal situations which distract a company from focusing on the core of its business.

As a result, businesses often find themselves in legal disputes with other businesses, former employees, various governmental agencies, or various administrative agencies.

When that situation arises, businesses need good commercial litigators to help lead them to victory at the courthouse. Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP has experienced business litigators who know how to do just that.

You can bet on us

We’re all in. Ready to defend your business. Clock is ticking – what are you waiting for?

From oil and gas litigation to employment disputes to non-compete issues, the lawyers at our firm have done it all.  While our team will always strive to efficiently resolve these situations without the need for a lawsuit, we are always prepared to take the fight to the other side and win any lawsuit in which we are involved.

If your company finds itself against the wall, with legal action pending or already underway, let the Phipps Anderson Deacon team step in and fight for your business. We realize when the stakes are high and we’re cool under pressure. Make the best decision for your organization and start a discussion with Martin and the team. Clients often say their only regret was not contacting the Phipps team sooner.

  • When the stakes are highest, you need the Phipps team in your corner
  • When serious legal council is required, our team is ready
  • When nobody else understands the magnitude, Martin does

We Will fight for you

Is your legal team ready for a fight? We are! Growing up in small towns across south Texas has shaped our team’s character and resolved us to fight for what’s right.

We always seek a favorable outcome for our clients through negotiation, settlement and a range of other strategies. However, if the time comes for a fight, we are battle tested and courtroom proven. The Phipps Anderson Deacon team will seek the right resolution based on the specific details and side effects of your case. If this means arbitration, we’re ready. If this means going to trial, our bench is deep with experience.

Big business requires smart risks to be taken and tough decisions to be made. If all other options appear to be exhausted and your organization is facing serious consequences or a public relations crisis, take a breath and then take these steps. Gather every detail possible. Do not speak with the media. Contact our team of experienced San Antonio attorneys to defend your business.

Know The Facts

What are the signs of a successful business lawyer?

Successful business lawyers have equally broad and highly specialized knowledge of business practices, with comprehensive acumen and tenured experience within the legal system. The right legal team will see the end-game and know precisely which moves to make to get you there.

How experienced is the Phipps team?

Jack of all trades, and masters of all! With over 100 years of combined experience in corporate, government, agriculture, insurance, retail and more, the Phipps team has a diverse background of experience. We put this knowledge to work for our clients, both large and small every day. Your case is probably the most important event in your business at this time – we know this – and we’re ready.

Does Phipps Anderson Deacon work with public institutions and local government?

Public institutions and local government are often underserved and overlooked. We recognize that these entities often have complex legal needs and deserve equally great legal representation.

How important is it to have a quality business lawyer on your side?

An acquisitions or mergers can be the single most important business decision that you will make. The difference between an average lawyer and a highly experienced team can be massive. If your firm is considering a major equity move or restructuring, put the Phipps team on your shopping list. The right move starts with a conversation, and we’re ready to listen.

Is hiring an attorney for my business going to break the bank?

At Phipps Anderson Deacon we do not charge by the hour, because we’re not watching the clock. There’s no quotas and our only objective is yours. We handle each case individually and you don’t pay anything unless we win…

What to look for in an attorney: