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With over a century of combined litigation experience, the attorneys at the Phipps Anderson Deacon are prepared to represent you and to lead you through the complexities of your potential case. The Phipps Anderson Deacon team will be with you every step of the way, from beginning to end.

With the Phipps Anderson Deacon Law Firm, you can always rest easy knowing that your case is being reviewed and litigated by attorneys and staff members who care about you and who have extensive legal experience and knowledge.

If you have an insurance claim that is being denied, delayed or underpaid, turn to the Phipps team for help. We understand how the insurance industry operates and we will work to ensure a fair and speedy outcome for your claim. If you have a homeowners insurance policy claim, medical insurance claim or any other type of insurance claim, our team stands ready to defend you. There’s nothing to lose, no fees unless we win for you.

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We are hometown attorneys who understand our community and expect the most out of our staff members and ourselves to ensure that we use every possible resource we have for your potential case. We understand the challenges and struggles of people in our community, because we are part of the community. Our attorneys are also fluent in Spanish, enabling us to serve our local Hispanic community members.

We’re from here. You’re from here. Let’s work together.

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every client.

Our team believes in fighting for the individual. We tirelessly fight for each and every client. When we take your case, you can truly consider us your attorneys. We will stand by you and your family throughout the entire process because we believe in helping our hometown clients and in the integrity of the attorney-client relationship. We take each case very seriously and do everything in our power to get every client the best result possible and the maximum compensation.

If you have insurance policy claim, consider taking these steps to properly defend your rights.

  • Inspect your property and thoroughly document all damage with pictures and descriptions
  • Be sure to check landscaping, outdoor appliances and vehicles
  • Contact your insurance company and document all pertinent information
  • Contact the Phipps team to defend your insurance claim

Hail Damage Checklist

If your claim is delayed, denied or underpaid, contact Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP TODAY!

Roof replacement calculator

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*This Roof Replacement Calculator is for informational purposes only. Although the Roof Replacement Calculator uses a estimated roof cost, the Roof Replacement Calculator is for illustration and estimation purposes only. There are no guarantees of any results, as any results will be dependent on independent facts and will differ from case to case. Contact the premier insurance lawyers of San Antonio and the South Valley to get a more accurate estimate of your potential hail claim. No claim is guaranteed, but our team of hail lawyers will defend your home and work for the best possible settlement from your insurance company.

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